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Great clip on earrings!

If you are looking for good clip on earrings that do not hurt you must get them from here! After about 15 of wearing them I did not even notice they where still there! they are so light! and you can not even tell that its a clip on. (plus they are so cute!)

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i love these!

I personally am allergic to fake metal, and I don't have pierced ears, so having a clip-on version is perfect! especially since they are hypoallergenic.

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So Comfortable

These are amazing! I love large hoops, but because I wear clip-ons, my ears are killing me by the end of the day. But not with these, they are so comfortable that I can wear them all day and not even think about them. And, they are go cute too!

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These are by far the best clip ons I have ever had. They stay on well and you really can’t feel them at all! Growing up in competitive dance, the clip ons would hurt so bad I couldn’t touch my ears after taking them off so I was so excited about trying these and the amazing product they are. I already bought another pair!

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So comfy!

I've tried so many clip on earring over the years but can only ever wear them for an hour max at time, these I can and have worn nearly all day and barely notice them! So comfy, and secure. Went out in the wind with them and they still stay on really well! They also look so nice as well :D

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Dream come true

I’ve always wanted a pair of hoop earrings, but I wasn’t able to heal from getting my ears pierced. These are amazing, incredibly comfortable, and stay on my ears with little to no concern. People can’t even tell that they are clip ons. I’m hoping to buy more soon!

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Soo comfortable

Loveee these ear-clips :)) They stay on all day and are very light so you barely feel them on your ear. Color and size are also perfect.

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Can’t get enough!

I love these earrings and I LOVE this brand. I have never had such high quality and cute clip on earrings. On top of that, they are so comfortable and so easy!! I would buy every pair on this website if I could afford it!

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it’s long but explains EVERYTHING!!!!! (don’t be scared! trust me!!) ✨

my intro-
OH. MY. GOSH!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhhh! i LOVE these earrings SO MUCH!! i’ve been wanting to write a review because i knew it was going to be something good about the shop and it is!

my story-
so i can’t get my ears pierced again after i turn 18/am out of the house which is fine by me and i respect my parents for that. anyway, my friend has fake ones and i was a little jelly she “had” her seconds and eventually she actually got them pierced so ofc i was even more jelly and i’ve always been a jewelry kind of girl and i love wearing LOTS of earrings and eventually i’ll probably get my seconds but not now haha.

what i tired-
so i tried the little twisty ones that twist in your ear to make little hoops and it’s spiral. i tried magnetic earrings but heck, those fall of in a SNAP and i tired to make my own hoops out of old earrings (clipped the post and bent the hoop. DONT RECOMMEND AT ALL my ear got infected). i didn’t wear those anymore and they irritated my ear. then i tried to take the earrings i got pierced with my firsts and tried to pierce my own ear so i could wear studs (not at ALL recommended).

how i found atrenda-
so then i was scrolling through some fake earring videos and earrings inspo on pinterest (yup good ol’ pinterest) and came across this shop! and i was like no way they look so real. at first i was totally skeptical and looked through their page a little more (their customer service area w/ the chat button helped so much) and checked out their website. so i’m going through and i’m finding all these little cute earrings and i find the party pearls and the lightning bills. and im like omg these are so cute and different (the butls). i always wanted to wear studs but i couldn’t because i would have to wear a stud in my real piercing and the fake hoop i made.

what i worried-
getting to the point (sorry) the clear siliconish back/clip thingy isn’t that noticeable. i was worried You’d be able to see it the silicon part and it wouldn’t fit on my ear because it’s a little small but you can kind of see it only if you’re looking really close to it and they were just a little on my ear have a small ear.

how it fits/its stability-
I even did a test if they would stay on when I put my backpack on, moved my hair around a lot, swiped, my hand on my ear, bumped it a lot, and jumped on the trampoline it didn’t come off once or move!! It’s tight enough that it will stay on my ear but the only problem is, they were a little too tight kind of. I don’t know if it was because I messed them up a little bit too much like I bent them a little bit, but they were kind of hurting my ears a little bit, but I have thin ears so I don’t know. And you can’t really see the silicon part unless you’re looking super close. I fooled my sister she had me take them off and because she thought they were real I’m not kidding!

oh, and I love how it’s waterproof yes, I’ve worn them in the shower and they haven’t come off tarnished or smelled. I love all of their jewelry waterproof and I added the necklace and it’s so cute and dainty.

I got the party pearls in the bolts and to be honest the pros were a lot bigger than it expected where they wouldn’t work or look good as a second and they don’t really. It might be because my hair is small and the party didn’t really work. I’ll try them again and edit this once I have time but the bolts looked so well!

The price on these are actually actually really good for the quality of them (even though I got them during black Friday deals lol it was so worth it and affordable). I think I’ll have these for a long time getting without them getting ruined!

final words-
I love these so much they’re my favorite fake Earrings. Thank you so much atrenda!!!! I love them so much and wear them every day! five stars from me!!!!!!! 🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷🩷

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Love it

I love them so much and It’s super comfy and I can’t even feel them in my ears and it’s super cute and I love them so much thanks for making this happen

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Love it

It’s super comfortable and I love it so much and a lot of of friends said so cute or love it

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I've lost count of how many earrings I've bought from Atrenda, and these are the newest set! All of the clip ons are so comfortable and I can't recommend them enough :)

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Very Comfort !

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So dainty!

I adore these earrings. They are so dainty and cute. As with all Atrenda products, these are comfortable, fashionable and affordable. I never get rashes. I’m so excited to have so many options here! 💕

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Loved this

Loved the earrings. Very comfortable.

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I love them!

They are so cute and lightweight. They don't hurt and are the perfect size.

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Game changer

I never thought I’d ever be able to wear earrings due to being allergic to almost every metal. I thought I’d give these clip ons a try and it’s crazy how I can wear earrings all I want now. I can go anywhere and know that they won’t fall down, yet they are so comfortable I sometimes forget I am wearing them! Definitely will be making a video recommending them.

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They stay on really well and I think they look like they are pierced. I'm glad I got them.

Laura Solis
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Beautiful and delicate

I purchased these earings for my daughter. She has delecate ears. The earing are light and beautiful.

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must buy!

great everyday earrings! i wear them all the time and i highly recommend these clip ons!

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great earrings!

the earrings are so good! i have worn them while running, swimming, etc and have never had a problem. i recommend!


This is one of my go to pieces to wear. I love the weight of this necklace — you can tell it’s not flimsy and is high quality. It goes with so many outfits!

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My search has ended!!!

If you're piercings grew over or if you're afraid of needles, look no further for the most comfortable clip-on earrings I've ever felt! I've tried many clip-ons in the past and they hurt but Atrenda earrings feel like you're wearing nothing at all! Highly recommend the clip-on or the pierced earrings due to high quality material and comfort.

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So Pretty

There are probably the best clip earrings I’ve ever worn. Very comfortable and easy to wear. They look fantastic and are very sparkly! I’ve received several compliments when wearing them. Planning to order more!

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My daughter loves these earrings. She does not have her ears pierced and the clip ons work perfectly! They are comfortable and very pretty. So happy to have found these!