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Closure Type
  • Waterproof & Tarnishproof
  • Hypoallergenic & nickel-free
  • In stock
  • Inventory on the way

also comes in a textured version,  mini version,  medium version and large version 

the perfect lightweight little hoop earrings for every day wear

⭐ hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel
⭐ 16K gold plating
⭐ (for clip ons): hypoallergenic resin clip

⭐ waterproof
⭐ tarnish-resistant
⭐ NO green ears
⭐ NO irritation

Outer Diameter: 20mm (0.8 inches)

you found the right brand. all our pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, making them ultra-gentle on sensitive skin :)

⭐ discreet & practically invisible hypoallergenic resin clip on
⭐ flexible to adjust to your ear size as needed!
⭐ designed to stay super comfy for long wear, yet also secure

OUR PIECES ARE WATERPROOF, so go about your day without removing your pieces!! they are tarnish-free, rust-free, and will never turn your skin green

⭐ Shower with them or go swimming

⭐ Use all your favorite lotions from moisturizer to sunscreen

⭐ Put on your favorite perfume and hand sanitizer without worrying about your pieces

⭐ Sweat into them, your skin will NOT turn green

⭐ Clean with a soft cloth as needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 49 reviews
Closure Type: Clip-on
Long time coming

I’ve been waiting forever for the clip-ons to be back in stock and I jumped for them as quick as I could! I used to have pierced ears but let them close up as the piercings didn’t agree with my body and would get infected constantly. The past few years I’ve been wanting to try clip-ons but good ones were either $100+ a pair, looked like cheap costume jewelry, or squeezed the ear like heck. These ones were perfect! The clasp is so light on the ear I almost couldn’t feel them at all (I had to check that they were still on they felt so light). Only one ear was slightly red but that’s just cause that earlobe is thicker than the other. Friends and family thought I had gotten piercings again until I showed them. Such a cute style, feel amazing, I’m hoping there are new styles coming soon! Now I gotta figure out ear symmetry.

Closure Type: Clip-on
So perfect!!

These are pain free and so so cute. They stay on throughout the day and are super convenient to put on. It’s almost impossible to detect that they’re clip ons. Shipping was super fast and the company responded very quickly to emails. Excellent customer service!!

Arianna Brieva
Closure Type: Clip-on
Amazing earrings!

I had high hopes for these earrings and they exceeded my expectations ! i can wear these clipons all day and they have not fallen off once. They dont hurt, dont pinch, and its not so obvious theyre clip on. honestly a great product, i’m definitely going to buy them a little bigger next time !

Andriana Radujkovic
Closure Type: Clip-on
Finally An Earring Girlie

I am so scared of piercings but I’ve always wanted to have earrings cause I feel they elevate your look instantly. These finally let me be an earring girlie! They are so comfortable and cute and it was weird to see me with them on cause they look like actual piercings. I fooled my mom 😂

Megan Price
Closure Type: Clip-on

They are so beautiful. They are exactly as the picture shows. I’ve worn them a lot, with no tarnishing and are super beautiful.

I’ve waited to write my review, so I can confidently say these are 10/10 fantastic and worth the money. I wear them any chance I get, they are comfortable and stay on securely all day!

I receive compliments and people are blown away when I tell them they are clip ons. You wouldn’t be able to tell!

My boyfriend is already buying more for my birthday!!!

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