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Closure Type: Clip-on

Very Comfort !

Closure Type: Clip-on
the best clip-ons EVER

i’m not able to have my ears pierced, so as you can imagine, i’ve tried many different clip-on earrings, and let me tell you, none have ever compared to these. other ones that i’ve tired were super painful, uncomfortable and made my ears go numb after a couple hours. i was able to wear the atrenda clip-ons for my 8 hour shift today and my ears were perfectly comfortable the entire time. they don’t hurt, they’re super comfortable, and not to mention totally adorable. please please please give these earrings a chance. you won’t regret it!!!

Closure Type: Clip-on

I love these clip-on earrings so much!! They don’t hurt whatsoever and they look so pretty 🥺, if you are someone who hates the other clip-on earrings that hurt your ears and look bad I 10000% recommend. Even if you have your ears pierced these are perfect because they don’t tarnish both ways and it’s just super comfortable and amazing🎀🩷


I really loved these earcuffs. They are absolutely stunning and so, so comfortable to wear. I'd like a little note with a tutorial on how to put them on because it's my first time using this kind of earrings and it was a bit difficult to understand at first due to my lack of experience - but they are very comfortable to wear. Seriously. I could use them all day long without noticing they were there. In fact, I checked my ears constantly to see if they were still there hahaha. I'm so grateful for this design and I'll for sure purchase more earrings. Beware if you order from the EU, you'll have to pay extra for delivery! In my case, I ordered from Spain. The delivery was swift and worth the extra money. Thank you so, so much.

Closure Type: Clip-on
Exactly what I've been looking for!

I never got around to getting my ears pierced, but I've always wanted to have big hoop earrings. These are the answer! The clip-ons are secure but not painful. I feel the weight on my ears but nothing on my ears. I wore them all day and they stayed put. And everyone I have shown had no idea they were clip-ons, which is a nice plus. I will definitely buy more.

Closure Type: Clip-on
Exactly what I was looking for!

I never got around to getting my ears pierced so I felt like I was missing out. But these solve all those problems! They are so comfortable I honestly forgot I was wearing them. But also secure without being painful. I kept accidently touching my ears and they didn't fall off. The silicon clip is not noticable. Because of the size of my earlobe, I do push it to the side like I saw another reviewer suggest. Overall, I LOVE THESE and can't wait to get me!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Pearl dangle hoops

Great quality earrings. Price is reasonable except shipping was a bit high. Would definitely recommend to anyone who can’t wear earrings. Beautiful design and you can’t even tell they’re clip on!

pearl teardrop studs
lily reece jenkins
Closure Type: Clip-on

I am so pleasantly surprised with these! They are soo beautiful and perfect. They are smaller than I expected but they still so good. The hoop is a very soft silicone, I was suprised by that! You can’t even feel it! AND I shook my head so much trying to see if they would move and they didn’t budge at all!!!!!!! This design the bottom kinda gets stuck in a position with the top sometimes but other than that I HIGHLY recommend!!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Love love love

This is my second pair and I’m so excited to feel included with all their clip on options !

pearl teardrop studs
Jillian Horner
Closure Type: Clip-on

These are just as gorgeous in person. I wanted these for some upcoming festive events, & I can’t wait to wear them! They are so comfortable & look so good (especially when considering they are clip on!).

I ordered from the UK & they arrived within two weeks which felt prompt considering they had to go through customs etc.

v happy 🩷

Colleen Laffman-Fuchs
Closure Type: Clip-on

My Buddhaful babe LOVES these earrings! They are comfortable and so pretty!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Small Twisted Hoops

People can’t even tell my ears aren’t pierced! I love them so much super comfortable!! And amazing for layering!!

Rossy Nolasco
Closure Type: Clip-on
Everyday Hoops

Super cute for everyday wear!
The clip-on closure is super comfortable.

Closure Type: Clip-on

I saw this brand on tik tok, and I have been so impressed by the concept & product.

I can’t tolerate normal clip-ons and don’t have my ears pierced so i’m over the moon I have some options for earrings again!

They are comfortable, yet secure. I have sensory issues so was worried this way would be uncomfortable but they aren’t at all.

I also ordered from the UK, and they took a few weeks to arrive, which was fine and expected!

Closure Type: Clip-on

I got this pair after buying the small hoops. These earrings are more of a statement piece - but are still super comfy and beautiful. After a few wears, they stay on all day without any discomfort and they still look brand new. The best!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Amazingly beautiful and comfortable!

Literally so comfortable and everyone thinks my ears are actually pierced with these! Although sadly one fell off and I lost it so I am rebuying because I am absolutely inlove with these earrings!

rhinestone pearl dangles
Closure Type: Clip-on
Pearls are funky shapes

Looking back at the product pictures, the pearls are shown to be funky shapes so I guess it’s accurate to the photos shown. Still a bummer that they aren’t consistently round, really makes it obvious that they are imitation pearls. Cheapens the whole look. I will leave the review at two stars as the clip-ons are comfortable and the rhinestone is cute. I was hoping to wear these to a special event but am hesitant due to the quality. It’s pretty obvious from a talking distance that the pearls look weird.

The pearls for this specific design were designed with the intent for them to look like genuine baroque freshwater pearls, which are funky shapes by nature. We suggest looking at some of our other pearl designs, which all have a more traditional perfectly rounded pearl shape if that is more your style!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Game changer!

This style of clip-on earrings have changed the game for me!! All other types I’ve tried in the past have been super painful, but not these! They are cute, well made, stay on, and allow me to accessorize my non-pierced ears!

Closure Type: Clip-on

I highly recommend this company's earrings! I was given some old clip-on earrings from my grandmother and they hurt like the dickens. So, I was very intrigued when an atrenda advertising video from YouTube promoted these earrings. Since buying them, I love wearing them and have added them to my daily routine. They are ingenious! They stay on, don’t hurt like the old clip-ons, and look like pierced earrings. Thank you, atrenda!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Long time coming

I’ve been waiting forever for the clip-ons to be back in stock and I jumped for them as quick as I could! I used to have pierced ears but let them close up as the piercings didn’t agree with my body and would get infected constantly. The past few years I’ve been wanting to try clip-ons but good ones were either $100+ a pair, looked like cheap costume jewelry, or squeezed the ear like heck. These ones were perfect! The clasp is so light on the ear I almost couldn’t feel them at all (I had to check that they were still on they felt so light). Only one ear was slightly red but that’s just cause that earlobe is thicker than the other. Friends and family thought I had gotten piercings again until I showed them. Such a cute style, feel amazing, I’m hoping there are new styles coming soon! Now I gotta figure out ear symmetry.

Emilee Craycraft
Closure Type: Clip-on
Best clip on earrings ever!!

I was nervous to get them cause usually clip one hurt but they are so comfy I can’t even feel them! They look so real you don’t even see the silicone clip on. I can wait to buy more!!

Emilee Craycraft
Closure Type: Clip-on
The BEST clip one I’ve ever had!!

I was nervous to get them cause usually clip one hurt but they are so comfy I can’t even feel them! They look so real you don’t even see the silicone clip on. I can wait to buy more!!

Closure Type: Clip-on
So perfect!!

These are pain free and so so cute. They stay on throughout the day and are super convenient to put on. It’s almost impossible to detect that they’re clip ons. Shipping was super fast and the company responded very quickly to emails. Excellent customer service!!

Closure Type: Clip-on
Gold Hoops

I unfortunately had to stop wearing all my favorite jewelry, hoops included, when I suddenly started suffering from terrible skin allergies to metals in most jewelry. I ordered the clipons and love them so much!

Arianna Brieva
Closure Type: Clip-on
Amazing earrings!

I had high hopes for these earrings and they exceeded my expectations ! i can wear these clipons all day and they have not fallen off once. They dont hurt, dont pinch, and its not so obvious theyre clip on. honestly a great product, i’m definitely going to buy them a little bigger next time !