rhinestone pearl dangles

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  • Waterproof & Tarnishproof
  • Hypoallergenic & nickel-free
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a beautiful dangle earring that features both rhinestones and baroque style pearls!

⭐ hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel
⭐ 18K gold PVD plating
⭐ cubic zirconia stone
⭐ imitation baroque pearls - please note the shape of each pearl will vary! this is intentional to imitate the varying shapes of genuine baroque pearls
⭐ (for clip ons): hypoallergenic resin clip

⭐ waterproof
⭐ tarnish-resistant
⭐ NO green ears
⭐ NO irritation

Length: 50mm (2 inches)

you found the right brand. all our pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, making them ultra-gentle on sensitive skin :)

⭐ discreet & practically invisible hypoallergenic resin clip on
⭐ flexible to adjust to your ear size as needed!
⭐ designed to stay super comfy for long wear, yet also secure

OUR PIECES ARE WATERPROOF, so go about your day without removing your pieces!! they are tarnish-free, rust-free, and will never turn your skin green

⭐ Shower with them or go swimming

⭐ Use all your favorite lotions from moisturizer to sunscreen

⭐ Put on your favorite perfume and hand sanitizer without worrying about your pieces

⭐ Sweat into them, your skin will NOT turn green

⭐ Clean with a soft cloth as needed

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Customer Reviews

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Closure Type: Clip-on
Pearls are funky shapes

Looking back at the product pictures, the pearls are shown to be funky shapes so I guess it’s accurate to the photos shown. Still a bummer that they aren’t consistently round, really makes it obvious that they are imitation pearls. Cheapens the whole look. I will leave the review at two stars as the clip-ons are comfortable and the rhinestone is cute. I was hoping to wear these to a special event but am hesitant due to the quality. It’s pretty obvious from a talking distance that the pearls look weird.

The pearls for this specific design were designed with the intent for them to look like genuine baroque freshwater pearls, which are funky shapes by nature. We suggest looking at some of our other pearl designs, which all have a more traditional perfectly rounded pearl shape if that is more your style!

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