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Closure Type
  • Waterproof & Tarnishproof
  • Hypoallergenic & nickel-free
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comes in a larger small versionmedium version, and large version

the perfect lightweight little hoop earrings for every day wear

⭐ hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel
⭐ 18K gold PVD plating
⭐ (for clip ons): hypoallergenic resin clip

⭐ waterproof
⭐ tarnish-resistant
⭐ NO green ears
⭐ NO irritation

Outer Diameter: 15mm (0.6 inches)

you found the right brand. all our pieces are hypoallergenic and nickel-free, lead-free, and cadmium-free, making them ultra-gentle on sensitive skin :)

⭐ discreet & practically invisible hypoallergenic resin clip on
⭐ flexible to adjust to your ear size as needed!
⭐ designed to stay super comfy for long wear, yet also secure

OUR PIECES ARE WATERPROOF, so go about your day without removing your pieces!! they are tarnish-free, rust-free, and will never turn your skin green

⭐ Shower with them or go swimming

⭐ Use all your favorite lotions from moisturizer to sunscreen

⭐ Put on your favorite perfume and hand sanitizer without worrying about your pieces

⭐ Sweat into them, your skin will NOT turn green

⭐ Clean with a soft cloth as needed

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Closure Type: Clip-on
Hair constantly gets stuck and they fall off without me even realizing it :(

I really wanted to love these earrings. I have a slightly stretched piercing on one of my ears so regular hoops don’t work for me. I thought these hoops would be the answer to my problem, and at first they were!! However they’re SO light and the pressure from the clip on is SO loose that they tend to fall off my ear when I tuck my hair or flip it over my shoulder, and the earring goes flying :( I’ve had these for a few weeks now and it’s happened at least once every time I’ve worn them. Half the time I don’t even realize they’ve fallen off until much later, and it’s only by some miracle that I’ve managed to find the missing earring on the floor, in my car seat, in a sidewalk crack, or wherever else it’s landed before it’s too late. I WISH I could absolutely love these earrings. But I know sooner or later I’ll stop being lucky and I’ll lose one of these earrings for good :( Just wish the squeeze of the clip was a little bit tighter and maybe the hoop was completed closed so my hair wouldn’t get caught in it al the time.

kyndal chadwick
Closure Type: Clip-on


Katelyn B.
Closure Type: Clip-on
Super cute and comfy!

I haven’t worn earrings in forever due to painful piercings, but these Huggies are comfortable and adorable!

Gracie Ruthven
Closure Type: Clip-on

I wear them everyday! Stay on and I forget they are even there. No tarnish and they are awsome! 100% recommend!!!

Samantha Carr
Closure Type: Clip-on

They are such high quality and super easy to wear. I’ve worn them almost every day since getting them and have had so many compliments and shocked faces when I tell people they are clip-ons! I love this brand so much and I am for sure coming back for more!

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